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    Default My 6th grader wants to be homeschooled...

    He's pretty determined to be homeschooled and my first response was "nope, not happening" but he has researched it, found this site, wants to join my gym for his "p.e" time, wants to do the chess club at the library, etc. He really has it all worked out in his head, lol.

    Now, why he wants to do this? He has been getting picked on a little bit at school. Mostly because he reads all the time. Kids are popping his book out of hand and calling him a names, etc. He's also on the chubby side and that doesn't help. He said "you tell me to choose my friends wisely and avoid getting into trouble but 99% of the kids are cursing and doing bad things." He said kids write bad things on the bathroom walls and draw pictures, etc. As he put it, "It's just not a healthy environment." That right there tells you he is beyond his years.

    He is very smart and scores near perfect if not perfect on the state standard tests. His biggest obstacle as far as learning goes is he is dyslexic and his reading and writing skills are not where they should be. Of course, this is something we've addressed with the school many times. The latest response was "in this day and age the best thing you can do for your child is make sure they can use spell check and word processors." What??

    Mine and my husband's first response was no way. I know the school is a good school. However, my mom instincts are telling me my child is trying to tell me something and I should listen. So, I'm researching it a little. Not sure if I would ever be able to convience his dad though.

    I realize we can do the virtual homeschool which takes a huge load off my mind. However, my biggest concern is the social aspect. If he already is having trouble socializing then would I be hurting him by giving him an out and not teaching him to work through his social problems? Also, how do you assure your child has "friends" and a social life?

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    I can relate to your child so much (hugs to him) I have been there when I was his age & even thou I did have a few good friends, there will always be that Bully that makes everyone's life pure misery
    I can honestly tell you that my mom pulling me out and homeschooling me in the 8th grade was the Best thing she did & I still was able to make new friends ...
    The public school & home-school experience that I had growing up is what made me choose to also home-school my children from the get go. I will admit at first I wondered myself how I would be able to create friendships for my children. Finding your local home-school groups is the best tip I can give you, Also 4-H & the library are great in places to meet others who home-school too!
    You will probably find that it will be easier for your kids to make friends when he is in a more loving and accepting environment. Most home-school children I have found our more caring and thoughtful and just as eager to make friendships. Plus the good thing is if one group of people you meet doesn't fit your not forced to be around them, you can just find another group. Trust me I have went to a few home-school groups and just felt it did not fit. Now thou I have a few wonderful groups I attend with family's that I really relate to and that I like my children playing with their children.
    I have a P.E. group I meet once a week and a play group once a week , two 4-H groups twice a month and of course we do scouts and my daughter just finished up cheerleading.. Trust me you will find ways to allow your child to socialize plenty Plus you can always start your own local group,I mean that's how most get started.
    I hope I have helped, Just remember you can always go back to public school..So it never hurts to just give home-schooling a try
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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    I pretty much went through the same thing with my 8 year old daughter this year. She is also dyslexic and the school system really wasn't teaching her to her needs. My husband was VERY hesitant on me homeschooling her and was concerened about her not being socialized enough. I can say she wasn't socializing in school because she was so very shy, so what difference would it make if she were at home. So I proposed homeschooling her over the summer and did all my research and ended up pulling her out of school in February. She is now doing GREAT!!! So much more open and relaxed and catching on so much faster than she was in school. She's still shy around new people but that's just her personality. She tells me all the time how happy she is being homeschooled and comes to tears if I bring up her going back to school in the future (won't send her back unless she wants to). Obviously the school enviornment was not for her and she's so much happier now.
    If your son did all this research on his own, that has to tell you this is something he NEEDS. Being bullied at school will stay with him forever and don't we want our kids to have to best childhood memories and not ones of displeasure and stress. If your husband is concerned that homeschooling will make him different, it will, but in the best possible way!
    Ditto everything Keri said about homeschool groups, library, etc. My daughter and I go to a P.E. class once a week and belong to a homeschool group and have since signed up for pottery classes, field trips and there is so much more they offer. So lucky to have found this group - we're in Tucson Arizona - where are you?
    Homeschooling really is a great experience for both the kids and the parents. You can always give it a try and if it does not work out your son can go back to school, maybe a new one. But I think you husband will be pleasantly surprised at how much happier your son is if you decide to homeschool.
    I hope this helped

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