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    My son is currently in pre-school and I'm planning on homeschooling him for K this fall. I've heard good things about this program but what exactly does it entail? Do I just log him in everyday and the lessons are already planned for the day? Similar to a public school. I need something that is already planned and laid out for us. Does he get a report card or anything like that? How hard is it to figure out and how long each day will he be on the computer doing lessons?

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    Hi and welcome to Time4Learning. We have used this program since preK and love it. I needed something that was all spelled out for me also. Once he is signed up, you log him in to his account and click on lessons. A series of icons will show on the screen, one for each subject. Click on the subject you want to do and then just follow the arrows. It's that simple. At the end of the session you can click on the backpack that is in the corner of that screen with the lesson icons on it. There you can see how he did on each lesson. What I do is first I print out the lesson plan. I put this in a notebook. Each day as my son does his work I mark his grade down on the lesson plan. When he finishes a course for that grade level I go to the backpack. At the top of the page it says reports. Click on that and then tell it what subject and the date range that you want the report for. I click All for the activity type. This will generate a report that you can print out. I put this report in the notebook with the lesson plans for that subject. It's not exactly a report card but it will tell you how your child did.
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