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    Default Need to know what info. dept. of social services is allowed and required to ask for

    Hi, I homeschool in Rio Grande county. I need to know what social services is allowed to demand for my teen. I understand registration (letter of intent) with school, even attendance, does s.s have right to demand test scores for 16 and 14 yr. olds? This is for my medicaid and f.s. case worker. I'm up for redetermination, she says she doesn't know exactly what she needs, but she needs more than l.o.i. My appt. is friday the 11th and I need to know ahead of time, however, she doesn't know nor does her supervisor. I'm trying to find out on my own so that I'll have the info I need come friday. I have sent an email to co. dept. of ed. haven't heard back yet. It doesn't address this in the home school law. If anyone has any info I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks.

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    In most states, you can request a letter from the school district that says you are in compliance with your state's homeschooling laws. This is all anyone should need. If the caseworker doesn't demand test scores for public schooled students, you shouldn't have to provide them for your homeschooled kids. They should require equivalent information. Providing proof that you are in compliance with your state's homeschool laws is equivalent to a public schooled student providing proof that they are registered in a school. That proof seldom requires grades, or even assurance that the student is making acceptable progress.

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