Need an online "coach" to enforce a learning pace

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    Default Need an online "coach" to enforce a learning pace

    My 14-yr old son does well learning with T4L but he needs someone to set learning goals and pacing with (besides me) and I know normally a lot of parents do this but in our case I think its better if I can find a tutor online to do this.

    Does anyone else have this problem and how are you handling it? I feel strange that this isn't a top issue for most people. I think that for most children don't like to have to answer to their parents about meeting deadlines. So I think its better to outsource this work.

    I recently interviewed some marathon runners who all said they also need a group to run with to keep up their daily motivation and habits. I think this is exactly the same challenge with learning a huge body of material. For my son, the online materials are sufficient to learn from, well-organized, engaging and we also find additional supplementary materials at are very good to present a lot of drilling and different approach to learning which is sometimes needed. My son enjoys the learning, and he seems to absorb the material well, but keeping up a fast learning pace day after day is difficult for him.

    I'd like someone that can meet with my son twice a week to set goals and review progress from the week before. I don't see him needing much work for further explanation of material, etc. Its more that he needs to set a learning pace and keep up with it.

    How does your family handle this? Do you setup cash rewards for your teens to keep up a learning pace?
    How do you help them keep up a fast pace so that high school doesn't take eight years to finish!


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    Default Re: Need an online "coach" to enforce a learning pace

    Four of mine have graduated from our family's home school (at age 16, 17, 16, and 16), and I'm still homeschooling the younger two. They grew up with me as their teacher. It seems normal to them. One thing I have enjoyed about homeschooling is the relationships it has encouraged. I'm not sure if I would agree that most kids prefer to answer to someone other than their parents. If that is the case, I think homeschooling is a great way for them to get used to doing just that. Parental instruction should usurp what a teacher says any day.

    That said, my kids do enjoying using Time4Writing once in awhile, because it includes personalized feedback about their writing from someone other than their mom. I like that, too, because evaluating someone's writing is somewhat subjective and it's great to have a second opinion.

    When homeshooling, the parent is the teacher of record. I might find someone else to help tutor if my child is having trouble in an area that I'm not sure of myself, but if they were refusing to follow a plan I set up, I would work more on discipline and less on academics for awhile. You can introduce some accountability by setting up those twice-weekly meetings with your child yourself.

    Nope, I've never used cash rewards for learning. Every family's motivation is different.

    I hope you find something that works great for your family!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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