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    Hello ,my Name is Gloria and i am still in Germany with my Son Brandon 13 Years old.
    We will be moving to Oakland ,TN in Spring 2011.
    Brandon was a Pre-Mature and is in a School for Kids with Special Needs.
    Brandon doesnt speak no English yet.
    As i heard of Homeschooling i was very Happy.Maybe i can find a Group close to my Area,where Brandon would fit in.

    Any Ideas from you Guys??
    I need a little assistense PLEASE

    I am Greatful for any Idea and say Thanks to all of you

    Greetings Gloria

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    Hi Gloria
    I am not in TN myself, Here is a link to T4L's TN board ~> Tennessee homeschool support group online - Parent Community and Forum
    Maybe you might find some one there who lives close to where you will be moving. Also you can contact the areas local 4-H or school board, They will usually be able to point you in the direction of the local home-school groups.
    Hope this helps!
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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