New here-want help in making timetable for kg and grade 2 kids???
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    Default New here-want help in making timetable for kg and grade 2 kids???

    i am new is the experience of this learning aid -time 4 learning?
    My second child is fell behind her age so very much me in making timetable for kindergarten much lessons should she finish everyday?can she finish her kg in 3-4 months so that i can take her to grade 1 here.
    Guide me...........

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    Here is a place to start. Go to the Lesson Plan Page Look at how many lessons are in the grade level and subject you want to cover. Then take and divide that by the number of days you would like to finish in. That will tell you how much you will need to do a day.

    The great thing about this program is you can move your child to another grade in just 1subject if you want to. So if your child is behind in math but ahead in language you can move that child up in language and let them take their time in math. Every child learns different. If you push a child to finish a program fast then they are ready it might not be such a good thing in the end.

    I will pray that God will give you guidance in this area.
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