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    Red face New home school family!

    I'm so glad I discovered the forums! Now I get to drive you all crazy with my questions, and I have loads of them! I have 5 children, ages 21, 14, 11, 5, and 4. My oldest struggled all through school, and barely graduated. My 14 year old and 11 year olds are enrolled in public school, although I'm not sure for how much longer. We decided this year, to not put my 5 year old in public school, instead I am attempting to school him myself. We use this site, and I bought the LIFEPAC workbooks as well. He seems to be progressing at a steady pace, but I am constantly second-guessing myself. Am I depriving him of anything? Is he going to fall behind if I ever do enroll him in public school? I struggled at first with the schedule of it all. I tried keeping to a regular school day schedule, trying to make him learn by the clock, but quickly figured out that he doesn't fight me so much, if I let him have frequent breaks to play outside or play a game on his computer. How do you all manage your day? My 11 year old has been begging for weeks to be home schooled as well, but the idea of taking her on as well terrifies me..
    Anyway, if you're still reading, thank you. ANY advice would be appreciated!


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    Welcome Pam
    Please feel Free to ask as many questions as you want,that's what we are all here for ,To help each other and give lots of support & encouragement!
    I understand how it feels to be home-schooling one child and then be faced with another,My son is almost 4yrs and we started officially schooling him last year.We had some bumps figuring out how to do both at once ,but its now smoothed out and we are all doing just fine
    How we do it? Well I can tell you how our house does it but,You will have to learn what is going to work for you and your kids.What I do may work for you it may not but,when you home-school there will be trial & error ,Of course its always be worth it in the end <3
    Okay what we do is school year round,what this does for us is allow us to do less work a week and take breaks when we need & want them.We typically school 3-4 days a week My kids get on the computer after they wake up and eat and have a lil tv time(about an hour).They will turn on th computer and do thier T4l lessons then some seat work(fun pages or practice writing pages ect) some days I may add Art. We do not do any longer then 2-3 hrs a day at most. The rest of the day is left for play ,chores ect
    I used to worry about my daughter falling behind but soon relised that kids learn fast and at thier own time..I try not to worry if she hasnt grasped something because i know when she is ready she far as public school well my advice is to just enjoy what your doing and worry about that issue if and when it comes
    BTW home-schooling your 11 yr old may actually be of help to you with your younger ones...My daughter always helps her brother which in return helps her by practicing things she already learned and helps me too. Just yesterday she sat on the floor with flash cards with him ...This helped my son learn picture/words and she got a memory lesson on her words and it gave me some time to do other things.
    I am sure others will soonjump in and share some tips ,I hope I have helped a little
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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