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    Question New to Homeschooling

    Hi everybody,

    I have a 14yr old daughter, we live in Grenada (Caribbean), he has been in what we call here Secondary school for 2 years, but I am not happy with her schools she had in those 2 years, she passed through 3 different schools.

    I believe she is far behind her age level, I think she should be starting grade 8 or 9 soon, but I rather have her doing grade 7 work so that she can follow properly.

    I have been looking at homeschooling for her for a while, but I am working out of the home most days and thought an online school would be better, where she has to follow a school-like routine.

    I am wondering if T4L is the right thing for her, and how would I be able to know what grade level she really needs.
    If she is working with T4L for 1 year, can I get her enrolled in an online High school next year? would an online school require credits?

    Could she get credits for the work she does with T4L?

    I know many questions, but I really appreciate any comments


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    Time4Learning is a curriculum, it is not an accredited school. You could print out the work that she has done and show that to the online school that you are looking into. But you will not receive credits to transfer to another school. The online school may accept your print out as evidence of the work she has done. You will also be able to give them transcripts from the public schools that she did attend. As far as determining the grade level she needs, you could look at her work. If she is doing everything with ease and getting all or nearly all 100%, then perhaps she needs a higher level. If she is doing poorly and doesn't seem to understand the material, you may need to move her back a grade.

    There are a few online high school programs out there. I would suggest that you do a google search to find them. My son is only in third grade so I haven't begun to look at high school for him yet.

    Good luck on your homeschooling journey.
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    As I'm not familiar with the laws in the Caribbean, you might want to start there, and see if what we use fulfills their requirements. And anytime you need a houseguest, make sure you call me

    I was looking at alpha and omega recently as I'm starting to look towards high school for my 6th grader. It is a biblical curriculum (not sure of your religious beliefs, obviously) but it is very thorough and quite nice.
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