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    Hi my name is Cindy and I have three boys ages 9, 12 and 13. This is our first year homeschooling the 9 and the 12 year old.

    I'm having trouble getting my 12 year old to get back into learning after a horrible 6th grade year in public school. His grades were B's & C's and he passed the STAR test near advanced levels in all subjects. His grades started slipping towards the end of the year. I guess the teacher couldn't deal with his fidgeting and talking so she started humiliating him in front of the class until he finally stopped going completely. We managed to get him to his first day of school for 7th grade, but it was too stressful for him. He would not get out of bed for the 2nd day, so I just pulled him out of school altogether. Now he's enrolled in a virtual academy and it's not going too well. He's falling way behind and we're supposed to meet with the teacher and show work samples for each subject. We have none! He sits there in front of his books and cries and says it's too hard and he's too stupid. We will be trying T4L today. Hopefully it goes well.

    My 9 year old has developed a fear of Math. He started having panic attacks the morning of a Math test at public school. He would actually start hyperventilating. The nurse started calling us to come pick him up from school because he was nauseous, etc. I ended pulling him out of school as well. He can't seem to retain anything we teach him about math at home. We'll see how T4L goes for him today.

    I noticed there isn't a Science program for my 7th grader on T4L. What do you all do for Science? How about Penmanship for my 4th grader? Any programs you recommend to go along with T4L?

    Is Compass Learning Odyssey a school or a curriculum? How much does it cost? Has anyone tried it?

    Thank you!


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    Hi there! I just started officially homeschooling my son this year (2nd grade), though he used T4L periodically prior to this. I LOVE T4L and I hope it will work for you. I was hesitant at first to use it as his primary homeschooling tool...for no real reason, but just because it being online an all seemed 'different'. However, for my son, I find that it is GREAT! It keeps his attention and in Language Arts (the class he struggles with most), I just don't see how he won't catch up after going through the lessons. They are set up nicely and he giggles and laughs while going through them. I feel that they are very complete. He is working at L1 right now because I feel he must have missed something in school during 1st grade. The lessons are right at the level he needs to be...though he can advance at any time if he needs to.

    For penmanship, I just found another curriculum for it. We haven't gotten too much into it yet, but apparently they learn cursive in 2nd grade (?) and so I got a curriculum from for penmanship practice...though any curriculum should do for that class I would think.

    I haven't looked into the higher grades in T4L, but if there isn't a science program, you may want to check into "The Great Science Adventures" for science. My sis-in-law found that curriculum and seems to like it very much. You can adapt it to different grade levels.

    As far as math, I hope T4L works for you. My son loves math and the T4L seems to be a good match for him. He loves the fun lessons that they set up and, again, it seems to hold his attention and he learns it well. Please let us know what you think after you try it out today.


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