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    Default New and Need INFO please :)

    Hi everyone, my name is Chelsea. My sister is 15, in 8th grade, and I have full guardianship over her. Anyways, she wants to be homeschooled and we are looking for a way to do this without paying 200 dollars a month. I was just wondering what everyone else does and what they use? Who they go through? How is it working out for them? I need all the info to get started but first I'd like to know which way to go and what/who to use. Replies are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hi chelsea
    Well home-schooling can offer alot of advantages IMO, So I think it is great that you are taking the time to rsearch this and allow your sister to choose this route for her education.
    I see from you location that your in Louisianna here is the LA "state" forum link ,I am sure that the parents there will have alot more State specific information about laws ect to offer you. ( I am from Fl) But if you can not find someone who can help , my advice is to contact your local school board and ask what your state requires as every state is different some being more strict then others.

    AS far as what we do ourselves, We use Time4Learning as our whole curriculum. We have been with this company 3 years and we all love it
    I think that between the affordability and freedom to allow your kids to work at thier own pace and also having the program do the teaching , grading & record keeping makes things a lil easier all the way around IMO
    I hope I have helped and I am sure others will soon jump in and add thier 2cents ;-)
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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