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    Default New and Organization

    Hi Everyone,

    We are switching from Calvert to T4L and super excited about it. I'm trying to get organized though and wanted to hear your tips. My son is in 2nd grade. I have printed out all of the lesson plans and started printing out the worksheets and answer sheets. Do ya'll organize them in binders, folders, etc? I would love to hear what ya'll do. Also, how do you figure out how many lessons to do each day?


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    Hi and welcome, Stephanie. I'm new, this year too. My boys are working at Pre K and 1st grade levels right now.

    I don't print out everything, but I did find this lesson planning worksheet-it's how I estimated how much we needed to do in a day/week/month. We have a very varied schedule, so I focus on the number for the month and making sure that we are close to on track that way. Some weeks are light, some are busy/full. This year we are following a fairly traditional school year calendar, although we are taking breaks as needed or warranted by our work schedules, vacations and other nonschool activities.

    I did print out that lesson planning worksheet and put it in a binder. Then once each month I print out a report that lists all the lessons completed for that month. I look at the reports every school day, but I only print them once a month. I keep those in the binder with the lesson planning and a few other worksheets/tracking sheets I use. I have one binder for each son (although my Pre K has next to nothing in it). And I hope to have one binder with these monthly T4L reports for the entire school year. We do other stuff to, not all of it is on T4L, and that is documented more in a traditional paper lesson planner (I LOVE this one), mostly after the fact. I do document our educational activities, even though my state does not require it. Just in case. And for memory's sake.

    As far as printing worksheets and stuff, what I've done is print one chapter of math worksheets at a time. That way I have them handy and can give my son the ones he needs when he's doing that lesson on T4L.

    I was not able to figure much of this out, ahead of time. We just sort of had to dive in....and this is what has developed a few months later. Perhaps not the best way to do things, however, it all works out.

    Welcome again!

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    Hi Stephanie,

    This is our first year with Time 4 Learning as well and organization was one of the interesting parts about getting started. What we did was buy different color folders for each subject and different color 1 subject notebook for each subject. My daughter is in 4th grade so she takes notes often. I definitely print out the worksheets because I think they are important to reinforce the lessons. I have her complete them on our "down days" or during my son's piano lessons, or as a "weekly review" and once she completes the worksheets then we move on to the next chapter. They are a great way for her to go back and reflect on what she has learned and a great way for me to have a paper trail of her lessons.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how it's going

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