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    Hi, My son is in Kindergarten. We've been using a different program, but he's just not into it. He loves doing games on the computer, so I thought we'd try this out!

    My question is, how do I schedule his lessons... I know I need to use the Option B, but it's kind of confusing me!


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    First you have to decide where you want your child to start. Since he has been using a different program for most of the school year are you going to start over at the beginning or are you going to start near the end of the year. I usually recommend that people starting in the middle of the year go through and do the chapter tests to see if their student understands the material. You can skip the lessons that he knows and work on the lessons he needs help with. Once you decide where you want to start you plug in the starting and ending numbers for each subject. For example, if you want to start with chapter 8 in Language Arts you would type in KR083 in the box that says Language Arts #. You would type in KR215 in the box for the ending of Language Arts #. You do this for each subject. You can find these lesson numbers by clicking on the subject on the Scope and Sequence page. Please let me know if you need any further help..
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