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    Hi everyone,
    I need help I am new to time 4 learning and I am having a hard time knowing how much to do with my kids. When I log into the kids site and it shows me the 4 or 5 icons, I click on it and their are about 20 different lessons within the icons. My question is how many of the lessons should I be doing per item. (IE math, LA, Science ect) ! HELP! This is new to us and is our last resort........ I am about ready to throw in the towel, what I used last year is not working with my son and he has dug his heals in and is refusing to do school work. This seems to be a great solution but I don't know how much to do!

    Much needed help in Cali
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    Hi Tiana, Welcome to Time4Learning. It can be a bit overwhelming to see all those lessons sitting there and not really know how many to do each day. Look at the scope and sequence so you can see how many activities there are in a subject. Then divide that number by the number of days you plan to do school during the school year. For example first grade language arts has 365 activities. If you plan to school for 180 days during the school year you would divide 365 by 180 days and you get 2.02. So you could do 2 or 3 activities per day. I would start out slowly. Do one or two lessons in each subject. Then as he begins to enjoy the lessons you can add a couple more a day. Maybe do math, language one day and science, social studies the next day. If he gets on a roll and doesn't want to stop then let him go for a while. The great thing about this program is that it is so flexible. Stop on over to the California Parent Forum and chat with some of the other parents on there. You might also want to read the Getting Started Guide.
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