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    HI! I just signed my daughter up for T4L, and am excited, she worked in the program for a while today, and really seemed to enjoy it.

    I am currently homeschooling her under a charter school, but am wanting to break away from that at the end of this year.

    My question is, how was her grade level chosen for the subjects? She is basically in Kindergarten, but almost done, so when I answered the questions, I based them on where she is at this moment. The math is put her in, 1st grade, is maybe a bit too hard, but the K math seems awfully easy, so maybe she's somewhere inbetween? LOL! And she has Science and Social Studies, and they both say 2nd??

    She did a section in all the areas, except the LA Extentions, which I need to figure out still, and did fine. I had to read her the quiz questions in one area.

    I guess my long, rambling question is, how do I know where she should be, is it normal to be all over the range like that??

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    Hi, and welcome!

    If you did not specify her grade level for math and language, she was probably placed according to her age, or there was a grade level already indicated that you didn't notice when you registered. You may request this to be changed at any time by clicking on the [i]Change Educational Level[/url] link at the top of this page.

    First grade math is considerably more difficult that kindergarten math. It isn't unusual for a student to be "somewhere inbetween". I would want my student to have a very good understanding of all the kindergarten math concepts before proceeding to the first grade level.

    If kindergarten math seems a LITTLE too easy, you might consider having her go through it quickly, leaving out the printable resources, so that you can identify any areas where she might need more practice. If kindergarten math is a LOT too easy, you could have her go through first grade math very slowly, doing a third of the exercises during the remainder of this school year and the remaining two thirds next school year.

    There is no kindergarten science or social studies. In most schools, the focus is on learing to read and to understand number concepts until third grade. Younger students are sometimes offered Time4Learning's first grade science and social studies. I'm not sure why your daughter was put in the second grade level, unless that's where she is working in language arts. First and second grade science and social studies contain just a few lessons, and would not be done every day. Time4Learning offers science and social studies as a free bonus. From third grade on, science and social studies lessons are very thorough.

    The core language arts is a complete language arts program. The extensions may be used to provide more challenge for advanced students, to provide additional work in areas of special interest, or for extra practice on some concepts for struggling students. Some parents do not use the extensions at all . . . some use all of them . . . most pick and choose.

    Don't forget to read the Hints , if you haven't already.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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