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    Default newish to T4L w/math questions

    Hi All,

    I wanted to get feedback on T4L's math curriculum. I have two daughters who use Math-U-See and one who uses Singapore.

    The two who use MUS are capable, but unconfident math learners. I have found they need a lot more practice to build comfort and then mastery in math which is why MUS is a such great program for them. While I don't particularly care that they are following a scope and sequence that differs from today's math standards, their charter school is starting to; moreover, I do sometimes feel concerned that MUS doesn't do enough to develop mathematical/conceptual thinking. There have been several times where I have wondered if I should switch them to Singapore Math to help them develop their mathematical/conceptual thinking abilities.

    On the other hand, my third daughter is very math capable and uses Singapore Math. I like Singapore Math because it devotes a lot of time to develop mathematical/conceptual thinking, but sometimes I feel it doesn't provide enough practice which is becoming more important as my daughter is getting to higher levels of math which require more steps. I'm starting to see that, even though my daughter gets math in a way I never have, extra practice would be helpful for her because she has ADHD and tends to forget steps and make careless mistakes. My other concern, embarrassingly enough, is that I don't know most of the material on the 5A - 6 B assessment tests so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to teach it to her. For this reason I was thinking about moving this daughter to MUS which has DVD lessons and moves at a pace where I feel I could comfortably learn and help with new concepts, but my daughter feels MUS is too easy and worries that she will be bored.

    Enter T4L...

    We have been using T4L for LA for a few months, but I wasn't using it for math at all. Now I find myself wondering if T4L could be the bridge we are looking for. I would really appreciate any advice/insights on T4L's math curriculum as a whole, how it compares to Singapore Math in particular, if it does a good job at getting kids to think mathematically, and if there are any grade level placement tests or guidelines available. Please let me know.

    Thanks so much!

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    I have never used any other program so I would have a hard time comparing them. We have used tim4learning since preK. My son just finished third grade math. I was unsure of the program last year when he was having so much trouble with telling time. But this year we came back to telling time again and he picked it up immediately. It was like an introduction last year and this year he really learned it. So the different ideas repeat themselves. I think that's a great way to learn. The other great thing is that you can repeat the lessons as often as your child needs to. And there are printouts that you can use to reinforce some concepts.

    There is no placement test. You can start your children out at what you think is their grade level. If it is too difficult for them you can always go down a level or go up a level if you need to.

    Have fun learning and growing with time4learning.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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