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    Question Not passing quizzes and tests??

    Okay, I am having a hard time figuring out what is going on with my kids. I have a fourth grader and fifth grader. Each one is never passing their quiz in any subject the first time. Sometimes they are having to take the quiz three times before passing. This is a new way of school for them. They were tutored last year, and honestly I didn't feel like she was teaching them enough and before that they were in Public school. I am not sure if they are lazy and trying to rush through their work or if there is a learning curve and a lot of parents have seen it take awhile for the kids to catch on and make better grades. I have already dropped my daughter back to 3rd grade in Science, SS and Math. She is not a very strong reader. But my son reads at an 8th grade level and is good at math and I feel like he should be able to do this...any ideas???

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    I think you need to stop making yourself crazy over this. If they don't pass the first what?? They have to review the lessons and retake the quiz until they pass. You don't want them to develop "test anxiety" because you're communicating your stress over this. You might review the quiz BEFORE doing the lessons to see if that helps. I suspect that your son is just pushing your buttons. I think that if you take a calm, non-chalont attitude and simply point out that not passing the quiz simply means redoing all of the previous lessons and that having to repeat the lessons means "school" will no doubt last well into the summer......that might have more impact than any other argument.

    My little dweeb is the opposite. He will sing, bounce, grab me for kisses, look out the window......anything but pay attention to the lesson on the screen........and then ace the quiz/test!! Outside of T4L, we do project-based curriculum mostly with NO tests. Also, just as an aside, I remember once in junior college.....after the first test, the instructor called a group of us (about a dozen) into his office to point out that we'd not done well on the first test and maybe we should withdraw from the class. Most of the group did as he asked. I told him that I wasn't worried; that it often took a test or two to understand how the teacher tested and that I was sure I was fine. He really pushed me and said something like, 'My years as a teacher have shown me (he was really young, maybe 30) that students who don't do well on the first test don't recover or do better in the rest of the class.' I looked him in the eye and told him that I'd been a student for longer than he'd been a teacher and I wasn't going to withdraw over one poor test (I think I got a high 'D'... I think I got a B+ in that class, but I never forgot the bad taste in my mouth over that teacher's non-supportive attitude.

    Anyhow, I know I could give you a lot of 'stuff' about creating alternative assessments...but I really think that in this case you should just try relaxing and letting them repeat the quizes......if they don't improve by Christmas, you might want to rethink. Your children are not in competition with anyone other than themselves and YOU are not in competition with any other "teacher" either....take a deep breath and try to relax a little....we're are NOT alone..........deni......
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    I have been told to expect lower scores when starting a new curriculum. I think my son needs to get used to there being fewer questions... so he needs to be a bit more careful when choosing his answers. I also have him look at the quiz first... have him retake anything less than 80% automatically. My daughter experienced this same issue when we switched from paper to computer curriculum. I just had to give her some time to adjust to something new.



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