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    How do you get your children to take good notes my 7th grader refuses to take notes. I wish in the Social studies they were able to copy and paste stuff into a word doc.

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    Hi, Lisa. Part of the reason I like my kids to take notes is because it requires them to think carefully about the material to decide what is important enough to write down. A couple of mine have seemed to be allergic to pencil and paper, though, so I understand where you are coming from.

    One thing you can do for seventh grade social studies student who prefers the computer is have your student take screen shots (print screen or prt scr), paste them into a Paint program, and crop/print only what they want to keep. For example, here is a page of a social studies lesson:

    Seventh Grade.jpg

    Your student might choose to keep just the text:


    . . . or just the map (or both).


    Once pasted into Paint and cropped, he can copy and paste the cropped portion into a Word document and get several selections on one page before saving and/or printing. For someone who is very comfortable working with a computer, this actually only takes a couple of seconds with several windows open . . . less time than to write it out by hand.

    It worked very well for one of my sons.

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