Placement Tests?
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    Default Placement Tests?

    Is there a way to give my son a placement test for Language Arts? he is in 7th grade but has dyslexia and I would like him to work at this level so he can progress. He needs to work on comprehension, and reading in general.
    If not is there a way to view the material in the other grades so I can determine what to switch him to?

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    If he is registered in 7th grade, look up in the upper right corner of the screen. It should say 6,7,8. You can click on 6 to let him try the sixth grade lessons. Or you can go into the parent login and move him to sixth grade or even fifth grade if you think he needs it. You can set whatever grade level you think is best for him. T4L does not have a placement test. Many parents will let the child do a few lessons at different grade levels to see how they do.
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