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    Default plz. help me.................

    Today I have signed up for my 7 years old child.She is very weak in reading and phonics.sometimes she is also left behind in Maths word problems.I am planning to go through kinder,grade 1 and grade 2 for her.Can I use lower classes Maths and English on and off?How to manage?Can I use all curriculum for improving my daughter on the parts of subject where she is left behind and then switch on her grade level back?
    Guide me.
    Any experiences..................

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    Yes!!! This is why I love T4L
    If your child is lets say 2nd grade in science ,but maybe 1st grade in math & they are kindergarten level in reading, Then that's okay .You are able to pick what grade level is needed for each subject ,As long as it fits into the grade level combination you chose
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    If you put her into the level you feel she is operating mostly at (for each individual subject) you can then choose lessons from one grade higher or lower. If you want to start her at a lower level and go through all of the lessons, you can change her grade levels by logging in as a parent as she progresses.

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    Here is a picture of where to find the Level Navigation buttons, located at the top, right of your student's launchpad.

    Some parents in your situation like to start at the very beginning and have their student take the chapter tests first. If they score less than a certain percentage, they do the lessons in that chapter and try again. Once they've mastered the material, they take the test for the next chapter. If they score well, they skip the chapter. If they don't score so well, they do the lessons . . . and so on.

    Usually, a parent will require at 80-90% on a pre-test before they are convinced the material has already been mastered.

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