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    Default Question about LA Extensions

    I'm going to use T4L as the core curriculum for my 3rd and 6th graders next school year, but with never having used T4L, I'm confused on how to use the LA and LA Ext pieces.

    Do you use them simultaneously, or do you finish all the LA lessons, and then do the LA Ext to fill in the rest of the school year?

    Can someone better explain the difference between these two things, and how they are intended to be used for homeschoolers?


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    When I first started using Time4Learning (preK level) I did not see any need to use both language arts and language arts extensions so I decided to skip the extensions part. Big big mistake on my part. My little one struggled and struggled with reading and I could never figure out why. One day I look at the language arts extensions lessons. The extensions really held the fundamentals of reading. These lessons teach the sounds of the letters, combining letters to make different sounds, and all the things necessary to teach beginning reading. By this time my son was in second grade but I started language arts extensions at the first grade level. Within a very short time his reading skills improved. Language arts extensions teaches the sounds, the combination of sounds, and basic reading skills. Language arts also touches on some of this in first grade. But as you progress the lessons include so much more, like punctuation, prefixes and suffixes, different meanings of words, sentence structure. Both subjects are very important.

    How you teach them is up to you. I use them both at the same time. Every day we do math, language arts, and language arts extensions. Twice a week we do science and social studies. I know other parents teach one subject one semester and the other one the next semester. Do whatever works best for your children. With my son it just worked better to teach both at the same time.
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