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    Question Question about LA Extensions

    I am new to T4L and I have a question about the LA ext. Are these required to complete the curriculum for each grade level? I was wondering if I could just do the Language Arts sections and skip the extension activitites? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I actually thought the same thing when we first started t4l. I chose to skip the Language Arts Extensions thinking they were not really needed. Now we are going back over them and doing the Language Arts Extensions. The concepts taught in the Extensions are different than those taught in Language Arts. They are a very important part of the curriculum. My son is still working on 2nd grade Language Arts Extensions and he is in 4th grade Language Arts. I think skipping these lessons when he was in Kindergarten and 1st grade may be contributing to him being a very reluctant reader. It's not the only reason, but may be a contributor. When he was in 2nd grade I started with the Language Arts Extensions for Kindergarten. He is now in the 2nd grade level. And his reading ability is improving every day. I would definitely encourage you to use them.
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    Welcome, DixieChick! Members often also wonder whether language arts and language arts extensions should be done at the same time. Here's my cut-and-paste answer:

    In first and second grade, I prefer to have my children complete the language arts program before beginning the language arts extensions. From third grade and up, they do language arts and language arts extensions simultaneously.

    I have three reasons for not doing them simultaneously until third grade:

    1. In grades one and two, the language arts program focuses on learning to read, and the reading required is a little bit “easier” than in the extensions.

    2. The language arts extensions in grades one and two are all based around excellent science and social studies themes. By the time the student has finished the language arts program, he or she has also finished the available science and social studies lessons. The themes in the language arts extensions help to fill the science/social studies void in the second half of the school year.

    3. Both the language arts and the language arts extensions assign writing projects using Story Creator. If done concurrently, the student often ends up with two writing assignments in one day, which is overwhelming for most children of this age.

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