Question About Phonics in the Kindergarten Curriculum
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    Default Question About Phonics in the Kindergarten Curriculum

    We are new to T4L this year, and so far my children are really enjoying the program! Yay!

    I have a question about the phonics/reading part for my Kindergarten daughter. Will this program be sufficient to teach her to read, or do I need to use another reading program in conjunction with this one in order to teach her?

    Any thoughts and suggestions appreciated. My daughter won't be turning 5 until Sept., so I am not in a super rush on reading or anything, but just wondering. She is already using the K program and is really enjoying it.


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    I'll be honest, we haven't used this program to teach the kids how to read. When we started homeschooling, my two older kids could already read (Jack started reading on his own when he was 3 - it was creepy lol). With our 5yo now ... last year, we put her in the VPK program and suddenly, in the middle of the year, she started reading, too. What I do know is that reading to your children all the time really helps. So does labeling things around the house, and we only label a few things every week, and then switch them the next week. Something else we've done is teaching them how to spell words like "juice" or "milk" or "snack" ... things that they have to ask for, and when they ask for it, they have to spell it. Hope some of those things work for you, let us know if you have any questions
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    My current nine-year-old learned to read with Time4Learning! The phonics is really well-organized, especially in first and second grades. They aren't just taught the sounds once. There is review throughout the program. I love it! So did my daughter. She was reading the kindergarten readers almost from the beginning. Although the readers are available online as part of the lessons, it's great to print them from the parent login (under Teaching Guides). Then, your child can read them over and over again. Great practice!

    Here's a video of my daughter, learning to read with Time4Learning.

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    My 3 year old and my 5 year old are both reading all because of T4L. My only headache is convincing them that they CAN read real (as in paper) books. They just like reading on the computer too much!

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    My son has not used anything except time4learning. He is learning to read albeit very reluctantly. He just is not interested in reading. He is much more in to math and science. But he has learned a lot with time4learning. We have used this program since preK.
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