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    Default Question concerning useing T4L with only one subject

    My daughter is in 5th grade and we would like to use T4L as a supplement for everything b ut Science. How does that work? Is there an area where I can note that or does she just do the lessons when she logs on etc?

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    Right now, I have one daughter doing all of the T4L subjects and one doing just the LA, LAX, and Math. I have a student planner for each of them where I write which lessons I expect them to do each day. Then they log on and type in the lesson number. If your daughter doesn't need or want that much structure, you can always just tell her to do however many lessons is whichever subject. [We did that last year and it worked pretty well, except that they would skip around doing all the lessons they were most interested in first.] She won't be penalized in any way for not doing the science. I have found that my younger daughter (whom I am not requiring to do the science and social studies) will sometimes do a lesson or two just for fun and it's not a big deal. When you print up the grading reports, you can choose to do it by subject and date, so any unimportant information wouldn't show up.

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    If you would like the Science icon to not appear on her launchpad, email [email protected] and ask them to remove it. She can just ignore it and not do the science lessons, but some students find the unused icon distracting or worrisome, so it's nice to have it gone if it isn't being used.

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