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    Default Question please help :D

    I understand how to figure out how many activities my child should be doing each day in each subject for the school year. I was wondering though if you count the Quiz after each activity lesson as another activity or if you count it together as one?

    I've been having my son do the activity then the quiz as one full activity and if this should be counted seperate then we are going to be a head but I would feel more comfortable about easing up on some of his math everyday. Just seems like we are doing a LOT of math.

    How do you ladies count your activities? With the quiz included or seperated?

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    If you are counting the separate activities, the quizzes and tests are separate activities from the lessons. For example, in fourth rade social studies there are 137 lessons plus 67 quizzes and 7 tests. This makes a total of 211 activities. You would have to do a little more than one activity per day if you were schooling for 180 days to complete this course in a school year.

    That being said, I try to get my son to finish a quiz at the end of that lesson and not wait till the next day. It is too easy for these quizzes to get lost. Then I don't find them until I am looking over our lesson plan and notice they weren't done. We don't do each subject every day so this balances out for us.
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