Re-assigning assignments
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    Default Re-assigning assignments

    My daughter did not do well on some of the tests, and I would like to re-assign them. How do I do this with Time4Learning?

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    You can do any lesson as many times as you want or need to. You just click on the icon for that lesson again. Even if it says completed or mastered, you can do it again. Often if my son does not do well, I will have him do that lesson over. Sometimes I don't notice a particularly low score until he has finished the entire course. We then go back and redo each lesson that has a low score. That way we are reviewing the whole course as well as bringing up the final grade. If you are looking at the main page, (the one that has the backpack in the corner and icons for each subject,) down at the bottom left corner you will see activity finder. You can type the activity number into that space and it will take you directly to the activity that you want to redo. This way you don't have to scrolled through all the lessons to find the one you want. So if you are looking at the report for today's work and you see that your daughter did not do well on lesson 123456. You can type that number in to the activity finder and she can redo it.

    I hope this makes sense. It's too hot this morning for my brain to function properly.
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