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    How do I read the report scores?Does the Red mean that my child is failing?What if they are scoring some 4o% ?I'm just worried.

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    On the report form there is a code in the upper right hand corner. Red means that they failed that activity. Green or Blue means they passed. If your child is repeatedly having red scores I would suggest sitting with them to more closely monitor what is going on. If they don't understand the work, maybe you need to drop back to a lower level for that subject. ou could try doing the lesson over if it is just an occasional lesson that they are not understanding. You can do it as many times as they need to understand it. I find that my son will get a much lower score if I step out of the room for a few minutes. As long as I am right there with him he does well. But if I leave the room he just rushes through and guesses at the answers.
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