Starting in the middle of a grade question
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    Default Starting in the middle of a grade question

    My son has always been homes schooled. He has always worked out of Paces. Due to his grandma passing and sickness in the family,we have been behind, so I decided to try something new. He is in the middle of 5th grade, if he were in public school he would be in 7th. I am not sure which lessons to start him on. How do I determine where to start? Will I have to start him from very beginning of 5th grade? Can he complete specific lessons in order to move up a level without doing the whole course? Does he have to complete every lesson that is listed in order to move up?


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    First let me say I'm so sorry for missing this post last week. It did not show up on my list until today.

    Many people when starting this program in the beginning of the year will start at the beginning but only do the chapter tests. This way you get an idea of what your child has already learned and what they still need help with. As you work through the chapter tests, if you find they do not do well on one chapter, they can go back and work through the lessons for that chapter and then take the tests again. The flexibility is one of the greatest things about Time4Learning. You can do a lesson over and over again if you need to.
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