taking ur child out of public school in the middle of the year?
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    Default taking ur child out of public school in the middle of the year?

    Does your child lose all that the have gained from the beging of the year till now or do the get to pick up were the left off at? Do the get to keep the credit or lose it?

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    There are so many "It depends" in the answer to your question. It depends on the school district you are using. It depends on the program you use after you leave the public school. It depends on your child. It depends on how involved you plan on being in there education.

    Does your child lose all the knowledge they have gained since the beginning of the year? Of course not. But do they lose the credits toward graduation? Well that depends on the school district. It should be no different than if they transfer to another school. Many homeschoolers do not worry about credits as much as they are concerned with knowledge. Many of us do not have our children in programs where they will actually "graduate" with x number of credits. There are some cyber schools where you can continue to earn credits toward graduation from their program.

    I would suggest that you check out the Missouri Parent Forum as they would be able to direct you according to Missouri laws. Good luck in your journey.
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