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    I need to know how I can make sure that my 14 year old is on task and doing what he needs to be doing and learning to make sure he passes. I'm a single mom working during the day and such so I need some input as to how to make sure he is comprehending his work. He is doing 6th grande level work when he is supposed to be doing at least 7th grade work.
    Please help!!

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    Hey 1st try not to worry about him being a tad behind kids learn at different speeds, he will catch up eventually i'm sure ;-)
    As far as making sure, well the only advice I could suggest is to maybe make a weekly school meeting for you two. You could on your day off sit down and go over what he has done and see if he is struggling or he can let you know where he is having problems. Then you could assign extra practice or sit down and exsplain or have him go back and review his work for the week. You could also maybe offer a reward system for him getting good grades. I know he is 14yrs so stickers won't work lol .....but maybe you could think of something thing he wants and that could help him be more focused on doing his best.
    Good Luck !
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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