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    Default Teaching Math, when you have reached the end of what your child can handle?!

    Ok, I have a Math block. Math was HORRID for me. I took pre-algebra every year of high school because I could NOT get it. I even took the special class for kids that couldnt get it.

    Unfortunately my older son has it as well and when combined with his ADHD.... it makes for some very meltdown days.

    We have done ok up until now, we did 6th and 7th grade T4L Math and most of his 8th grade but we got to an area he just didnt get so we stopped. I have him working back on 4th grade T4L Math right now. And we may continue into high school by redoing the middle school years to see if he gets it better.... I dont know yet. Still processing all this and working on a high school solution.

    I was just on Compass Learning site checking out the high school section Math sample to see and I am thinking we are in trouble. No way will he get it. He isnt getting some of the 8th grade stuff now.

    And I know, that the Math they are learning in 8th grade NOW is comparable to the high school Math we were taught 20 yrs ago as they have advanced the learning. But still.....

    I think that he will be one of those that needs basic Math skills to get thru life and call it good. Has anyone else had this issue? What do you do?
    How do they get thru any State required testing? That is my concern? He is coming up for his end of 8th grade testing(will be our 1st time since pulling him from public school) and I really worry about taking the Math section.

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    I feel your pain, my kids are in 3rd and 4th grade right now but the thought of having to teach algebra scares me. I graduated 15 years ago and all I had to take for math in high school was pre algebra (teacher passed me with a D because she felt sorry for me) and Consumer Math (everyday math skills) and I got an A in that class. My mind just can not seem to comprehend algebra. Hoping that I can find some way to teach it where I and my sons can learn it. I guess my thought also has been, I am 34 years old and have been able to hold jobs and live life without having to possess a lot of algebraic skills so if they don't get it I guess it isn't the end of the world. Not all of us are ment to be accountants and computer programmers. Hugs!

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