They do come around... reluctant grandparents
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    Default They do come around... reluctant grandparents

    My mother was not very sure about homeschooling when I announced our intentions. She was worried about.... you guessed it.... socialization. She also knew of that family who homeschooled and ended up putting their kid back into school even further behind than when they took him out. She had all kinds of issues.

    Now, a couple of years later she is a total convert. She can now be overheard telling others that she is relieved her grandbabies aren't in school. She's involved in what we do. And get this, she spent the weekend make a homeschool scrapbook full mostly of photos that I took during times she wasn't even there. I'd say that just screams she's pleased with it now.

    I'm proud of my mom. I've changed her mind on a number of things since I became a parent myself. It's helped us grow closer.

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    That is so wonderful Momma Crystal. I think our families are often the hardest to convince that this is the right thing for us to do. I'm so glad your mom is now supportive of your decision.
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