Third Grade Division Frustrations
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    Question Third Grade Division Frustrations

    My 3rd grade daughter has been having trouble starting this year with math. It started with multiplication, she can figure out multiplication but no amount of drilling or games or anything can help her remember multiplication facts. I wasn't terribly concerned about it because I don't remember doing multiplication at all until 6th grade, and I stumbled upon an article saying that children don't really "learn" how to do the advanced stuff they're learning in an earlier & earlier age now, they can learn it by rote, but have little understanding of how it works until 6 or 7th grade.

    So since she could figure out multiplication, we moved onto division. I have to re-teach her how to do division EVERY.DAY. She really wants to learn how, and by the end of the day she'll get a few problems without having to ask me for ANY help, but the next day she'll have a problem (like 29 divided by 5) and she'll not know how to begin... I'll prompt her (five goes into 29 how many times?) and she'll figure out that step, but won't remember the next step.

    Her memory for other things is okay, and it sounds silly but maybe it's just a deficiency somehow? I remember I did HORRIBLY in school in all history subjects because I can't remember timelines or dates (I still can't) so... I dunno.

    Is there some way I'm not thinking of to be able to help her remember all the steps of division?

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    Hi :')
    I wish there was something I could offer to help, but the truth is she may just not be ready yet. Honestly my daughter is not there yet either and she is in 3rd grade. My theory is that kids will learn when thier ready and trying to force the issue will do more harm then good.
    If you think she is ready then maybe looking into some Math games or doing a reward system might give her some incentive.
    If she isn't then let her go back and do some review in lower grades or focus still on multiplication.... The great thing IMO about home-schooling is you are not bound by a grade number if you need to stay in a lower grade for a bit thats okay if your child is needing a higher grade then that Great too!
    I hope I have helped and maybe someone else will come give you some tips, Good luck! ;-)
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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