time 4 learning VS. teaching textbooks for MATH?
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    Default time 4 learning VS. teaching textbooks for MATH?

    Hello, I just signed up today for this program mostly for Language Arts. We are currently using Teaching Textbooks for Math. I would love to hear the differences/pros/cons that you have seen for each. I am trying to decide my curriculum for next year. This seems expensive for a year to just only use it for Language. Thanks a bunch in advance!!

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    Hi Meekerhomeschool. Welcome aboard. I'm afraid I can't offer any idea about Teaching Textbooks. I've heard of it but that's about it. We have used time4learning for six years now and we love it. Hopefully someone on here will be able to help you with TT.
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    We have only used TT Alg2 and some of T4L's elementary school math, so I can't really compare much. If you have T4L, then you have 3 levels of T4L math that you can peruse, so you can do a comparison.

    Also, remember that T4L math has a chapter at the end called practice that contains the entire old math program. So, if your child doesn't understand an activity, you can look in the practice chapter and have your child complete the additional activity on that topic. TT doesn't have this.

    Does the TT elementary math contain review problems in each lesson? If so, that would be a difference. T4L does not.

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