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    Default timelines for history

    I have read on various forums and in magazines about homeschoolers creating timelines to note when in time events they are studying occurred. I really like the idea, but I have no idea how to implement such a thing so that it not entirely unwieldly and therefore useless.

    Do any of you keep timelines or know people who do? What are some ways that this could be done? I'd really appreciate any thoughts that you have!


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    I used to have a timeline that went down both sides of our hallway. The kids thought it was fun, but it got ratty-looking pretty fast.

    Now we keep timeline notebooks. Ours aren't fancy at all. They are just notebooks containing one divider (to separate BC from AD). When we study something, they write something in their notebooks about it or find a picture representing what we've studied and put it in their notebooks in the proper order. I don't pre-date pages, because that makes a FAT notebook full of a lot of blank pages when you first begin. They write the year at the top of their notebook page and put it in the proper. Just the process of doing this helps cement the idea that certain events occurred BEFORE, AFTER, or at ABOUT THE SAME TIME as other events.

    To make a notebook page, my kids usually find a picture online, glue it to their page, and write notes beneath it. Sometimes instead they use an essay that they wrote for another "class" . . . such as a book report about President Lincoln. They read through their timelines every time they add something, so it's continual review. (I haven't told them to do this. They just enjoy remembering what they've done in the past.)

    We have pages for their birthdays, Mom and Dad's birthdays, and Grandpa and Grandma's birthdays for reference. It helps them understand the concept of time as it relates to them.

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