Using T4L as a Supplement to Workbook Curriculum
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    Default Using T4L as a Supplement to Workbook Curriculum

    Hello everyone! I know I've been bombarding this thread with questions but I have another one.

    I purchased curriculum books at Lakeshore Learning and plan on using these books as our core curriculum. I want to integrate T4L as a supplement to reinforce what we learn through workbooks. Does anyone do this? Is there a way to figure out what lessons they should complete to coincide with our workbooks? Or should I just allow them to work through all of the lessons as they choose?

    Thanks for answering my questions. You guys are fantastic!
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    We occasionally use a workbook to supplement time4learning, but not the other way around. You could look at the lesson plans to see which lessons go along with the concepts you are learning through your workbooks.

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