Want to use this, but cannot seem to figure this out
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    Default Want to use this, but cannot seem to figure this out

    Hi everyone, I've been homeschooling for 7 years now and really prefer to work with my children rather than set them in front of a computer, but next year we are going to have a lot going on and I really need them to have a complete program independent from me.

    We've been playing with Time 4 Learning for since December, and my boys do love it, but I cannot seem to figure out how to actually assign them work and keep them accountable. I believe I do the right steps, but when they login, they are always just doing whatever they want with no regard to what I assigned them to do. They are not doing that in any rebellious sense, but rather neither they nor I understand how this supposed to work if we want to use it as a curriculum.

    I admit, I have not poured a lot of time into figuring it all out, as we were busy doing other curriculum this year and I signed up for this basically as a trial to see how my children would respond. After 6-months, I generally feel like the content will suit us just fine next year and allow me to supplement with library books, reports, and other assignments as I see fit. Still, I am getting lost trying to navigate the parent end of this.

    So my questions are:
    Can I keep them establish some order to their assignments?

    Do they have to complete what I assign them everyday or week, or can they always just skip it if they choose?

    Is there a simple way for me to login and get things set up and log out? I feel like I spend way too much time looking around for what I need to do, clicking on links that I think will do something, only to find they are merely an explanation that leads to me to have to find some other link. And I apologize for saying this, but I find video tutorials really annoying and time-wasting. I know they are great for some, but simple written out step-by-step instructions that I can print if I need to are much more appealing to me.

    Thanks for any help. I have only a few days left to decide if I want to stick with this for next year or choose something else.

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    In looking at some other post it looks like Janet has answered most if not all of your questions on another forum...


    Check it out and let me know if you have further questions.
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    After sign up your kids you can make an activity schedule when you log in as you. I believe the directions for this is under the parent tools section. With the schedule you can see how many of each subject they have to do per week and choose what day you want them to do them on. or you can choose one week at a time and print the schedule and check off that way if it would be easier. As they do the assignments you can check off the boxes next to each assignment. You can also pull up progress reports any time you want from your parent tools and see how they are doing in all subjects. Those also give you the option to print them.

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