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    Default Washington Homeschool Law

    Hello, I am in Washington state, and have been homeschooling my two children for over 3 years. I can't find information on if I'm allowed to homeschool for somebody else. Is it legal for me to homeschool somebody's three children? If they live with me, does that make a difference?

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    Hi I recommend you you go to the Washington State Forum and ask these questions here.

    I know in the State of Florida you are only allowed to homeschool other children if they related to you. If you have someone who lives with you and the parent lives with you then the parent can be in charge of the curriculum choice and assigning the school work and you can be the tutor when they need help. That keeps the parent still in charge of their schooling but you are able to help them out when they needed it. Just like a public school student needs help with school work they go to a tutor.

    I hope you can find your answers soon.
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