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Thread: We bit the bullet

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    Question We bit the bullet

    We just officially signed up for the program last night...nervous doesn't begin to cover the feeling of pulling your kids out of public school, but I'm sure everyone on this board knows how I'm feeling right now lol. Our local schools Christmas break is over tomorrow and they go back Thursday. I'm assuming our school board meets again Thursday also. My question is do my kids need to start going back to public schools until the school board approves the curriculum or not? I'm assuming they need to, but I want to be sure.

    Also curious how long it took for you guys school boards to come to a decision? Thanks
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    You really need to post this in your state forum. Every state has its own laws governing home education. For example, I live in TN and here the state does not pay for or reimburse for curriculum, so the state does not need to approve curriculum you choose to purchase even if you are registered with the local board of education. In TN you can choose to home educate by enrolling inan umbrella program. Different umbrella programs have different rules regarding curriculum/ what you need to teach. Most umbrella programs are pretty relaxed. You can also enroll in a regionally accredited distance learning program and pay for it yourself. In TN you can also home educate through the state using K12 (other options are now available for high school and more are in the works). Anyway, there are more hoops to jump through and restrictions on your time, but this is currently the only way that the state of TN will pay for your curriculum. So, this is the only way that you need to wait on the state in order to begin homeschooling. So, yeah, ask over in your state forum.

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    Moved over to the state forum. Thanks for the reply. A mod can delete this if they would like.

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    Hi Michael. I answered your questions over in the state forum. I just wanted to extend another hi and welcome to you here.
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