What's on your kids' Christmas/Holiday Wish List? Need ideas......
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    Default What's on your kids' Christmas/Holiday Wish List? Need ideas......

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
    What's on your kids' wish list?

    I need ideas! I don't want any more toys/games that they'll play with for a few weeks and then set aside. Or games that they will get hooked on and become distracted from reading books or doing school. So I guess I prefer that they would be educational. I have kids and grandkids ranging in ages from 3 to 19.

    Thank you!!
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    My son he is being home schooled from the past 4years and when he feels bored i will take him to the places like sports clubs parks movies etc where he can find the children of the same age.

    On long holidays like Christmas, we all to a holiday vacation and enjoy with the kids.

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    Ha, ha Janet so funny. We just started listening to Christmas music, so we really must be thinking the same thing. I too really like to buy gifts throughout the year, it just seems so much easier. I know in previous years I've purchased more educational gifts online at Timberdoodle. It's an online home-schooling book seller. I know an obvious one is board games. We actually seek them out at garage sales, now of course you can't give the used ones as gifts but some of the old ones are really great!! We have one that I paid a dollar for called Big Deal and the kids just love that one (kinda like Monopoly but much shorter and a lot funner (is that a word). I'm hoping everyone else has more ideas as I wasn't much help. Let us know what you find!!!!

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