Where can my child get accredidation for his homeschooling
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    Question Where can my child get accredidation for his homeschooling

    I am a first time homeschool mom and need to know how can my child get accredidation for his work so that his schooling is reconized my the state of texas.

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    There are some distance learning centers or correspondence schools out there. Some of them offer a high school diploma. Time4Learning is a curriculum. It follows the guidelines for the state of Texas. According to Texas law "You are not required to file any papers or notify anyone that you are homeschooling your children in Texas. If they are already enrolled in a public school, you can tell the school's office that the child is going to be homeschooled or is going to be attending a private school. In Texas, a homeschool is a private school. Some districts may want to give you a hard time, but you have every legal right to homeschool without their blessings."

    I would suggest that you find a good homeschool group near you. This way you could meet and ask questions of other parents who are homeschooling in Texas. You might also want to check out the Texas Parent Forum.
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