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    Default Worried, If I am overloading, He is losing interest..

    Hi, I started this yr with t4l and at first my 6yr old son loved it and enjoyed getting online to do it and was doing a Great job.. Passing all his assignments but maybe a few I had to have him go back and do.. I first started off with a schedule of Language Arts for 1hr, then went to Math 1hr, and Science 1st grade. 30 mins to a hr. LA extensions 30 mins to a hr.. he seemed to be doing ok with all that.. Then I came across the Worksheets in the Teachers Guides from t4l and tried to start him on that,, Are the worksheets really needed if he is passing the online assignments without the worksheets? Also I started him on Writing and boy he hates Writing.. I came across a free program.. Free Online Reading Lessons from Montessori, which he seems to like.. The thing is I dont know how to put him in the mode to do reading lessons and some writing then go on to t4l assignments.. He did so well with just the t4l till i pushed in some worksheets from t4l from the teachers guide that i did not realize was there till he is in his chpt 9 of most of the subjects.. Also I need help on how to approach him with Spelling and Vocab.. How do I squeeze that in without overwhelming him.. I got to figure out how to put in our schedule on our daily routine... so far this is how are routine is... The Free Online Lessons, some writing like his name and numbers, worksheets of tracing Aa, Bb, etc.. Then I dont know what vocab words to use or spelling... After that i go on to the t4l program for the rest of the day... I need to know if this is to much for a kindergarten. Please help I want to make sure he is getting all he needs.. Weve been doing since this week and its been taking 6hrs a day.. Is this to much?

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    I'd have to say way too much! I would think a six year old could finish his entire school day is 2 1/2 or 3 hours max - heck in all honesty you should be able to finish kindergarten in 90 minutes or less! And you could probably do all you need in 3 or 4 days a week.

    An hour of language arts and hour of Math is a TON all by itself! 20 MAYBE 30 minutes a piece would be great! 10 or 15 minutes on either LA extension OR Science should be plenty. I wouldn't worry about spelling too much until next year. Maybe pick two or three words a week and make up songs to help him remember how to spell them orally. You can chant the songs in the car when you are out and about. Vocabulary is something I do in passing with my son. We keep an index box and when he learns a new word I write it down. Then a couple of times a week, maybe over dinner, I'll pull the box out and we'll go over a few of the words. As in "We were talking about repetition today, see if you can tell Daddy what that one means."

    Handwriting... not so worried about that either. Just get some coloring books, paints, chalks, etc and encourage him to go to town. Maybe if you really want him writing letters then have him write notes to people. Or he gets to write a list of things he wants to buy at the grocery store. That sort of thing.

    For what it is worth, my son is doing Level 1 (or I guess 1st grade stuff). School is done every day in 2 hours or less and we do add stuff to t4l. We don't normally do the t4l worksheets unless I feel he needs a little extra practice or reinforcement on a topic.

    Your title says your are worried you are overloading him and he is loosing interest. I would guess you are right to be worried. I'd pull back... A LOT!

    I hope that helps! You are such an awesome Momma for working so hard with your children. But it is ok to relax a bit!

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    I would have to agree that your son is putting in way too many hours on school. He will surely burn out in the blink of an eye then you will have a whole new set of problems on your hands. Remember, the key to homeschooling is being able to relax (this is NOT public school). Find out what kinds of things your son is interested in learning about. Maybe you can supplement with outside activities for the things he shows an interest. All of that counts as "school" work. I would also try to add in field trips of some sort--either with a local co-op or local homeschool group. That all counts as school as well, and helps cement the new ideas learned on the trip--heck, it's also lots of fun and a great way to connect with other homeschool families. I taught half-day kindergarten and all subjects were covered in that half day, including snack time, recess, show-and-tell, bathroom breaks... I would try to keep his schooling at under 2 hours a day.

    You are an awesome Mom who clearly wants the very best for her son. take a big, deep breath and relax! This new adventure should be enjoyable for you both.

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    Hi. I am Cheyenne. I have posted before. I have a 8th grd daughter and 7th grd son. I was wondering how long these ages should be schooling a day. They do the set amount of lessons in less than an hour and a half..this doesnt seem sufficiant to me? They get done really fast. I wonder if they are getting enough. The way we are doing it is, they do the lesson, and then there is usually a quiz after per lesson. If they get less than 80% I make them take the quiz over again. I have supplimented my own science , and SS, and make them do the 7th gde SS as well. I am incorporating spelling starting next week. We will be doing 1 field trip a month to a museum or whatever else we can find that is interesting, and for each month leading up to the field trip they have a 3 paragraph paper to turn in to me every week regarding something that has to do with the place. I do not want to over load them, however, 1 and a half hours a day seems not long to me.

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