I'm not planning to use Time 4 Writing, as I don't want to pay extra for it and I think that I'm quite capable of grading my son's writing assignments- as are both my mother and my 18 year old daughter. (One has teaching experience and the other has very recent student experience!) I'm also hesitant about the way it's set up for only 2 months at a time- would it be too intense for my son? But primarily my concern is financial- why pay somebody else to do what I can do myself?

He's both a reluctant reader and a reluctant writer, and for now I intend to give him only one writing assignment per week. I've found some good writing prompts online for basic creative writing, plus I'm sure I could fairly easily come up with some of my own.

But I know that his peers in school are also doing research projects, formal essays, and possibly other types of structured writing. I want to make sure my son has a chance to learn all of those kinds of writing, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about teaching him. I'm especially confused about research assignments, since my own personal experience with research reports involved getting dropped off at the library, not spending a few hours on the computer!

What I basically need is a list of assignments, with the kinds of instructions a teacher would give to the class when assigning them. Does anybody know where I could find such a list? I could then choose for myself how many assignments to give him. I want him to cover every kind of writing assignment he would have gotten in school, but not necessarily as many of them.