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    Default Writing curriculum for 4th grader w/dyslexia

    Hi. I have been homeschooling my 4th grader that has dyslexia since she was in 2nd grade. We spent lots of time doing Orton Gillingham to catch her up with spelling patterns, etc. We put her back in school for a few months but it didn't work out. She just learns best at home. She is very far behind in writing, however. Grammar and spelling are doing better, but she cannot write a coherent 1 paragraph assignment. After hours of tears and frusteration, she still has no writing product. My question is: what writing curriculum has worked for any of your dyslexic children? My daughter is very talented in math and art, moving at a good pace in reading and spelling and grammar, but writing is almost non-existant. We are going to start using T4L to supplement our Abeka curriculm. I am very frusterated as I feel like I have failed in helping her in writing.

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    I understand your frustration. Reading and writing has always been second nature to me. For the life of me, I cannot get my two dyslexic boys to read and write, and COMPREHEND anything, written, or verbal! They get bored and frustrated so fast with their work. Their math skills seem a tiny bit better. But reading and especially writing...oh boy! It's really hard for me to make sense of what they write. 9 times out of 10, they can't read their own writing either!
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