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    My son was home schooled last year by a wonderful mom who took on my son, her son and 3 other middle school children. Unfortunately she moved to Florida this summer.
    My son is going to be in 8th grade and we live in Hayden, Idaho. I am looking for a mom who would be willing to take him on (for a fee) for 1 year. I signed him up for the I-DEA program but K12 is also an option.

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    Hi. I hope you find a great match. I was surprised to find that Idaho homeschool laws specifically state that a parent can assign another person to "homeschool" their child. Most states restrict homeschooling to the child's parents. (In those states, parents remain "in charge" of the student's education, but that doesn't keep them from using someone else to help.)

    Good luck to you!

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