FYI: The Brookfield Zoo is open all year round. I really like to go in the winter because it's less crowded and they have a
bus that will take you to the different stops for free. The Hamill Play Zoo and the Children's Zoo areas inside the Zoo are
also free from Nov.1-March 1. This is a great deal, since they usually cost extra to get in.
Also, for those who want to make the trip an educational one there is a list of Zoo Chats posted on the web site. These are very informative and the kids can ask all the questions they want. Here is also the link to some activity sheets you can print out to take with you. Then run around the zoo collecting the answers, it's fun! ... icula.aspx

P.s. In the Hamill Zoo ask about their Nature Swap program. This is also a great oportunity for some educational fun.