Custody issues in Fulton/Mason county IL
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Thread: Custody issues in Fulton/Mason county IL

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    Default Custody issues in Fulton/Mason county IL

    I have this year decided to allow my 6th grader to try homeschooling. We agreed this would be a 9 week trial process and his father has now started a custody fight and would like to force me into sending him back to public school. I am in need of something from a "qualified" person/educator stating that the curriculum meets the educational needs of the child for the court. We had dealt with some bullying issues last year, as well as an incident where his shoes were tied together by his teacher after he fell asleep in class, this was followed by students telling him he missed his bus which caused him to jump up and run, consequently falling down in front of the class. After contacting the teacher he was apologized to and I reminded him of our philosophy on jokes/pranks that it is only funny if everyone involved is laughing this also lead to a few days out of school because of his humiliation. His grades were subpar and I feel he will benefit from the advantages of homeschooling. Any assistance anyone can give would be greatly appreciated and anyone who may have homeschooled children in the area around the same age group who would be interested in activities could contact me.

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    Hello. Have you tried >> >> there is a yearly membership fee, but they are a group of lawyers who can really help in home school situations! They wrote a letter to my daughter's school and I was never bothered again. I am also not with her father, and he was against it, but luckily didn't fight it. I wish you the best of luck!
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