Hello I am a very new homeschooler mom of my 2nd grade daughter, with another daughter coming home from public school in Jan 2014. I made my decision to pull my daughter out of school quite rashly (actually, I was very upset at her principal and teacher and blurted out "I am taking my baby out of this school before you can do her anymore harm.") I was disappointed with her performance in school, and believe she may be slightly dyslectic. We have been using T4L almost exclusively for just over a month, and so far she seems to enjoy it.

I like that it allows me to go over some of the Language Arts sections from 1st grade that I think she missed, and lets us go over sections as many times until she gets the concept. Plus, we seem to have personality conflicts from time to time, so the program lets her do her studies while I am in the other room listening in on her but not in her face (saves us both).

I hope I am not being "lazy"as a homeschooling mom by using the program so much. There are other homeschooling moms I've spoken to that order so many books, workbooks, and just seem to be more involved. So far, I am just trying to make sure she has the basics, then add daily reading and creative writing and spelling a few times a week. I hope to start a language and piano lessons, but will wait until I start T4L with my 6th grade daughter.

Am I "doing this right"? Are there any suggestions you may have for teaching children with dyslexia? I don't have a firm diagnosis, but the few teaching plans I have found seem to work with her.