To homeschool or not? moving to Rantoul
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    Question To homeschool or not? moving to Rantoul

    I am moving to Rantoul from Michigan... Where I am from we have school of choice and if the school district you live in is not what you are looking for (bad rating,unsafe) you can send them to another school. Illinois does not seem to have this option and Rantoul schools have a 2/10 rating, tho I am not yet familiar with the district so I do not know why they have such a low rating... I am uncomfortable with whether my daughter will learn enough, or have safety issues, ect...

    Currently my daughter does well in the public school she is attending. She is in the middle of her 2nd grade year and has a 4th grade reading level and is on par with 2/3rd grade math. She is social and does not deal with an intolerable bullying (tho it does happen occasionally), she has lots of friends, ect.. Basically she does just fine in the public school system she is in, my concern is that her new school district has such a low rating and I want to ensure that she receives a good education.

    She tried the demos for Time4 learning and while she enjoyed them and due to the fact that she suffers from separation anxiety and a germ phobia, would like the excuse to not have to go to school (tho she has a great day once she gets there), she admitted that she learns more in a day at school then she did from the demos (2 lessons in 4 subjects each, so 8 lessons)

    So I am struggling with trying to decide if I should start her out in Rantoul public schools (Broadmeadow) and then if I feel she is not safe, or dealing with undo bullying, not learning, or her anxiety increases) then I pull her. Or to trust that she will learn more by just starting with homeschooling (Time for learning, spellcity, journaling for writing, reading hour, and beginning french)

    If anyone has experience with Rantoul school I would love to hear about it, and any thoughts from others that will help me make the right decision for my daughter.

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    Default Rantoul

    We moved away from Rantoul because of the schools. It's not so much the teachers or the school district's budget (they have a budget surplus last I checked), but the people you have to attend school with. A lot of the children are basically raising themselves so they are not used to adult authority and that makes for some problems in the schools. There were a lot of kids you could tell that their parents never read to them when they were little, so reading is hard for many. There is a lot of poverty in Rantoul. Why do you have to move to Rantoul?

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    Are there any Private schools close? If not home schooling is definitely a possibility. If your time schedule allows you to home school then the one on one attention that you will be able to give her will definitely be a plus for her.

    My wife and I are having the same type of situation here. The area we moved to is a very nice middle income neighborhood but after we moved in one school district sued the other to acquire our subdivision into their school district and won. The school our son is going to now is acceptable but when he goes to 5th grade in a couple of years that school is unacceptable. We will have the same decision on our hands. Best of luck.

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