I am thinking of home schooling my 8th grade son with ADHD
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    Default I am thinking of home schooling my 8th grade son with ADHD

    So, here i am, thinking of homeschooling my son once again. My son attended a private school until 3rd grade, when his father and I divorced. He was doing pretty well in his new public school until last year. I moved last year to get my son in a better school district because he was being bullied. (the first time I though of home schooling) My son is in the 8th grade at a public school. He does have an IEP which I fought hard to get. Here's the problem...he hates the school. He tells me that he doesn't fit in, he doesn't even go half the time. He wakes up every morning crying, vomiting and having anxiety attacks about going. There are a lot of military families at the school and it is a rather snobby community. Apparently it's about the clothes you where, etc!! I moved here for the schools though, not to make friends for me. I am a single mom and work full time. I really want to start the home school process, but I'm worried that we wont have enough time for school. Do other working parents homeschool? I found this website and it really has me excited to just do it, for him and my sanity. Help, I'm worried that I will fail as a mother and his teacher! Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I am in the same situation and thinking about pulling him out of public school. My son hates going to school, feels like his teachers yell at him. But I also am I single mom working night shift,so a little concerned about having time to do this. However, I feel his education would be so much better. Currently, I think he just does what he has to do and is not thriving. I feel his stress levels are holding his education back.

    Let me know what you decided to do and how it is working for you. I too live in a snobby town. And they drive me crazy. My son is a biracial child going to school in a predominantly white school and I think that bothers him. Just want to boost his confidence and enhance his education.


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    I started homeschooling because my 3rd grader was often ill. He was being pushed by his teacher as if he can help that he gets sick. He was falling behind in math. We use time 4 learning as out core but i have supplements i use also. he tested at 2nd grade math in February and is now in 3rd grade math and he is doing so well. he is a happier healthier boy. don't know if this helped but i love this program and if your child can work independently it is even better. i work and live the single parent life and he is thriving.

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