Illinois homeschooling law
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    Default Illinois homeschooling law

    Hello Everyone,

    I am very interested in withdrawing my nine year old Asperger's ADHD son from public school to start homeschooling using Time4learning. I just want to make sure I'm doing this legally. I really don't want problems with the school district. I know I need to submit a letter to the Principal to withdraw my son. Since I am doing this half way through the school year I plan on using Time4Learning as my main curriculum until the end of 4th grade. He loves the computer and I think this will work well for him. I guess my main question is: Does this sound like I'm doing things the right way? I really don't want police officers at my door.

    Thank you!! I'm so glad I found this forum!!

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    Default form letter to withdraw child from public school IN ILLINOIS

    Principal's Name
    Local Public School
    City, State, Zip

    Dear Principal's Name:

    This is to inform you that as of date, our child, child's full name, will be withdrawing from attendance at public school's name. Child's
    name will be transferring to your home school's name, which is a non-public school.

    Child's name will receive instruction in the branches of education taught in the public schools and in the English language. All
    instruction will be in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 105, Section 26-1 of the Illinois School Code, commonly known as the Compulsory Attendance Law.

    You will be receiving a letter from your home school's name formally requesting a Certified Copy of child's name's records.

    Please contact us if you have further questions.



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    Alex's mom you will be very glad you did! I have done this for my 12 yr old son three diff times in our public school system. He really enjoys the one on one. My son has Asperger's more of the socializing with population than any thing. Home schooling has made such a difference in his learning he has learned so much. He is in 7th grade now he is slow with the math but loves everything esle on here. Workbooks at a Sam's club or public library can help as well. They have different sites for homeschooling I.D. cards for field trips at discounts. Don't sweat police showing up at your door go to the Illinois board of education website go to homeschool forms or call them they will send one to you in the mail,fill it out go to your local court house close to you and file it at the regional board of education. Case closed... you do this every year he will be home schooled but keep a copy of it for your records in case someone does happen to show up just let them see your copy. Or you can send or take a copy to his school he no longer attends. It is a parents choice to homeschool or send to public school in the state of illinois plus they don't have a set cirriculum we may use what we feel suits our children best. If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me. Hope this helps you. good luck!!

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